Assoc. prof. Dr. techn Albena Daskalova

Assoc. prof. Dr. techn. Albena Daskalova – Team leader


Research and professional experience:

Dr. Albena Daskalova has expertise in ultra-fast laser material processing for diverse applications in medicine and tissue engineering. She is an associate professor at the Laboratory of Micro and Nano Photonics,  Institute of Electronics-BAS, since 2019. Currently, she is a leader of a newly formed Femtoscience application group at IE-BAS ( She has obtained her Ph.D. degree at the Institute of Applied Physics at Vienna University of Technology in 2003 and has received a Marie Curie individual grant in 2009 at the Institute of Electronic Structures and Lasers- Foundation of Research and Technology (IESL-FORTH), Heraklion, Creete. Her current interests are directed towards the application of laser methods for the treatment of diverse biomaterials and producing matrices with enhanced surface properties for application in tissue engineering. She is a project leader and participant in numerous National and International projects funded by Bulgarian National Science Fund, Horizon 2020, Laserlab Europe and COST. She has co-authored more than 25 publications in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Interests: Femtosecond laser processing, ultra-short laser-matter interaction, biomaterials, tissue engineering, 3D printing of biomaterials 


Laboratory of nonlinear and fiber optics

Femto Science - Application Group

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