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Ultra-short laser microprocessing of biomaterials – Laser processing of innovative biomaterials; chemical, physical and mechanical characterization of the laser micro processed biomaterials; cells seeding and monitoring of their proliferation, migration, differentiation on thin films of biocompatible materials, 3D polymer scaffolds, and ceramics.

MC3T3 osteoblasts cells after seeded on fs laser processed biopolymeric rectangular grid

Cytoskeleton of NIH3T3 mouse fibroblasts attached to fs laser modified collagen/elastin layers


Ultra-short laser ablation of Biological tissue – Investigation of application of femtosecond pulses in dentistry by introducing a  minimally invasive concept for treatment of carious lesions.

Ultra-fast laser mass spectrometry of biological molecules - In our approach, we combine ultrashort laser ablation with time-of-flight mass spectroscopy (TOF-MS). Our work demonstrates the sensitivity of TOF-MS for the identification of the biomolecular species present in laser-ablated material from hard tissues. Performingfemtosecond laser ablation at 800nm altered the chemical composition of the ablated tissue and yielded the highest number of characteristic ions. 


  • Ultra-short laser-matter interaction

  • Laser Ablation

  • Biomaterials

    • Biopolymers

    • Synthetic polymers

    • Ceramics

  • Biointerfaces

  • Tissue engineering  Applications

  • Regenerative medicine


Laboratory of nonlinear and fiber optics

Femto Science - Application Group

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