National projects

- Bulgarian National Science Fund, project „Bioactivity improvement of biomimetic materials by texturing with ultra-short laser pulses’’- DN08/5 (2016-2018г.)

- Bulgarian National Science Fund, project „3D femtosecond laser  microstructuring of biomaterials for application in medicine’’-DMU0315-(2011-2015)

- Bulgarian National Science Fund, project ’’DNTS/Austria/01/1 Ultra-short microprocessing of collagen thin films for tissue engineering applications’’ - (2013-2018).

- FWO/BAS project № Р-38/18.11.15 "Functionalization of biomaterials, modified via femtosecond laser irradiation of improving cellular proliferation’’ (2016 - 2018)


International projects

- COST CA16122 BIONECA- Biomaterials and advanced physical techniques for regenerative cardiology and neurology, (2017-2021)



- COST MP1301 NEWGEN- New Generation Biomimetic and Customized Implants for Bone Engineering, (2013-2017)



- COST MP1005 NAMABIO - From nano to macro biomaterials (design, processing, characterization, modelling) and applications to stem cells regenerative orthopaedic and dental medicine, (2011-2015)



- FP7 Laserlab Europe, project number: ULF-FORTH 002013 "Tailored topography control of biomaterial surfaces by ultrafast lasers for cell-substrate studies"- 2014



- FP7 Laserlab Europe, project ’’Studies of ultra-short laser ablation mechanisms of biological tissue by examination of the ablation products with TOF and Plasma-Shadow-Graphy’’, project number: ULF_FORTH 001495 – 2009



- FP6 ITSLEIF, Transnational access programme ’’HCI-induced ToF-SIMS studies of hard dental tissues’’, Project number: P09073A – 2009-2011


Laboratory of Biophotonics

Femto Science - Application Group

Институт по Електроника към Българска Академия на Науките
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